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Math Beyond
the Page

Reimagining Learning Experiences

for K-5 Students

Math is more than formulas, procedures, and equations on a page. It is creating a lemonade stand, cooking with grandma, visiting an amusement park, replacing the tile in the bathroom, or shopping for the best deal. Math is all around us, yet too many students only experience math as a procedure, negatively impacting how they perceive themselves as mathematicians. Partner with Gabr'l Stackhouse to reimagine learning experiences for students that take math beyond the page, so they strive socially, emotionally, and academically.

Gabr'l C. Stackhouse, CEO

Ed.S Curriculum and Instruction

Math was not my favorite subject in elementary school. I remember the first time I found the solution to a problem differently from my teacher. I was beyond excited to share my thinking, but it was met with a lesson that stayed with me for a long time – my thinking did not matter. She made me feel invisible, and that day I made a decision to follow my teacher's procedures despite knowing I had ideas to contribute. The first time I experienced math beyond the page was in honors Algebra 2 Trigonometry as a sophomore in high school. The tricks, rules, and procedures I mastered were no match for my teacher's high expectations for me to make sense of math for myself. She nurtured a part of me that was always there but was robbed during my younger years. She also inspired me to see math beyond the page and it is because


of her, I developed a passion for math that remains today.

The elementary years are critical for students to see themselves as mathematicians. They are naturally curious and have ideas that deserve to be celebrated. Unfortunately, my experiences as an elementary student in the 80s continue across many classrooms robbing students of the opportunity to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. Students deserve to experience math beyond the page so partner with Gabr'l Stackhouse Consulting today to:

  • create meaningful learning experiences for students

  • integrate math across the curriculum

  • spark students' innovation and build persistence

  • positively build students' identity as mathematicians

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"Mrs. Stackhouse is a pleasure to work with. My teachers enjoyed her enthusiasm and knowledge about best practices in mathematics."

- District Leader, Jefferson County Public Schools

"This is the best math PD I have ever attended. I learned a lot about how to make my teaching better for students. Mrs. Stackhouse is a very effective presenter who makes the sessions light, fun, and informative."

- Classroom Teacher, Belton Independent School District

"We enjoy Mrs. Stackhouse working with our school leaders and math coaches. She builds a great rapport with teachers, coaches, and school leaders, and they enjoy attending her sessions."

- District Leader, Richland County School District One